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Michigan Residents: Tell Your State Senators To Oppose The Julea Ward Freedom Of Conscience Act!

Dear Friend,

Earlier this year, I informed you of a bill in the Michigan House of Representatives that would subvert the national standards of the counseling process and legalize discrimination in our nation’s higher education institutions. This bill, House Bill 5040, also known as the “Julea Ward Freedom of Conscience Act,” has now passed the Michigan House of Representatives and moves to the state Senate for approval.

The “Freedom of Conscience Act” was created following a tragic incident at Eastern Michigan University where a gay student was discriminated against by a fellow student named Julea Ward. Ms. Ward, who served as a graduate counselor in the university’s counseling program, was removed from her position and expelled from the university after she attempted to refer a client to another counselor because the client's file indicated a past gay relationship, a relationship Ms. Ward morally opposes as an evangelical Christian.

The Code of Ethics of the American Counseling Association and the Ethical Standards of the American School Counselor Association, which student counselors are obliged to follow as a curricular requirement of the university, mandate that counselors are not to allow their personal values to intrude into their professional work. Since Ms. Ward broke these standards, the school was correct in terminating her from her position. Simply put, the passage of this misleading “Freedom of Conscience Act” would give students in the counseling, social work, or psychology programs free rein to discriminate against LGBT students or students who do not agree with their religious views.

If you are a Michigan Resident, this is your chance to stand up against state-sanctioned religious discrimination. Contact your state Senators and ask them to vote against the “Julea Ward Freedom of Conscience Act.

The American Humanist Association is committed to defending the right of all people not to be discriminated against, and stands in favor of the rigorous standards that are present in the counseling profession. I ask you to help defeat the Julea Ward Freedom of Conscience Act by taking action now. Thank you for standing up against religious discrimination.


Roy Speckhardt
Executive Director

P.S. If you're not a Michigan resident, be sure to read about this controversy because it may be an issue in your state next.