American Humanist Association

Tennessee Humanists: Oppose Discrimination in Counseling!

The Religious Right is once again trying to enshrine discrimination into law.

Last year, Michigan AHA members were informed of a state bill that would subvert the national standards of the counseling process and legalize discrimination in our nation’s higher education institutions. This bill was created following a tragic incident at Eastern Michigan University where a gay student was discriminated against by a counselor named Julea Ward, who, as an evangelical Christian, refused to provide counseling services to the student.

Unfortunately, a very similar bill is up for a vote in the Tennessee Senate. SB 514 “prohibits public institutions of higher education from disciplining or discriminating against a student in a counseling, social work, or psychology program because the student refuses to counsel or serve a client as to goals, outcomes, or behaviors that conflict with a sincerely held religious belief of the student.”

If you are a Tennessee resident, don’t give religion a free pass to discriminate. Use this form to stand up against religious discrimination and urge your senator to oppose Senate Bill 514.