American Humanist Association

Take Action to Remove the Confederate Flag from Federal Land

This week, three amendments to an important funding bill were successfully adopted in the U.S. House. These amendments:

  • Prohibit the display of the Confederate flag in federal cemeteries.
  • Prohibit contracts between the federal government and private vendors that want to sell items featuring the Confederate flag in gift stores in national parks or federal land.
  • Prohibit the National Park Service from buying or displaying Confederate flags unless they are used to provide historical context.

Unfortunately, a new amendment has been introduced by religious conservatives in Congress which would invalidate the three amendments that have already been added to the funding bill.

In related news, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has just introduced a resolution that would ban images depicting the Confederate flag from appearing in the U.S. Capitol.

Use the form below to support Rep. Pelosi's resolution and to oppose the pro-Confederate flag amendment.