American Humanist Association

Say No to Evangelical Bias on Church Tax Commission!

Dear Friends,

Yesterday the Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations, a commission created in the effort to examine the tax activity of religious organizations, announced the appointment of its members - all of whom come from the Evangelical Christian faith. 

Speak out against this shameless religious bias. 

The absence of secular leaders appointed to the commission is an outrageous omission and an offense to humanists, secularists and tax-payers alike. Such a commission, intended to patrol religious organization use of non-profit tax loopholes, warrants the participation of parties outside the Evangelical circle, such as members of the secular and interfaith community. Without this diversity, the commission risks bias and an abuse of tax-payer money. The American Humanist Association supports transparency and finds the need for secular, humanist or atheist representation on this commission essential.

Secular leaders deserve a voice in this matter. Please take a moment to contact Senator Grassley and Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability President Dan Busby and tell them that true financial accountability requires the input and discretion of outside parties. Religious tax law should not be evaluated solely by those who benefit from it most. Stand with the American Humanist Association, and together we can make sure that the humanist voice is heard and religious organizations who abuse their nonprofit status are held accountable.


Roy Speckhardt

Executive Director

Dan Busby

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability