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Take Action: Support Imprisoned Atheist Bloggers In Bangladesh

Police recently arrested three atheist bloggers in Bangladesh after they were accused of "defaming Islam and the prophet Mohammed." As a result of their atheistic blogs, each faces up to 10 years in jail for something that should never be a crime in any country that claims to respect religious freedom and the freedom of expression.

This isn't the first case of atheist bloggers being arrested for a "crime" against religion. We informed you last year about Egyptian atheist Alber Saber, who was arrested and remains in prison for insulting Islam and the prophet Mohammed.

This alarming trend of arresting atheists is spreading throughout the world. We need your help to rasie awarness of the situation to high-level government officials who must take action now.

Please do your part in protecting freedom of speech by using the form below to demand that the U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh lodge a formal complaint with the government of Bangladesh over these anti-democratic arrests.

Ambassador Dan Mozena

Embassay of the United States in Bangladesh